About Me

Kia ora, I’m a writer and new domestic practitioner from Aotearoa New Zealand.

I’ve worked several  jobs over the years; oral history abstractor, arts centre office manager, English tutor, education assistant, archive-document-scanning-person, but the most consistent theme to my working life has been libraries.

And by association, words.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and a library diploma and love libraries for the equal access to knowledge that these institutions support. As a writer, I love being surrounded by words all day long! I find it rather inspiring!

My website, Geographic Hearts, refers to my love of the small South Pacific Islands I call home and my current heart-home-city of Wellington. Or as I like to refer to it ‘Wellywood’ for its strong film culture and arts community.

I’m a big believer in life-long learning and as part of this am an avid reader (kind of also goes with the territory of being a librarian too!)

As well as writing, I love knitting, plant-based cooking and exploring my city on foot. I’m a bit of an eco chick and also am an advocate of writing for therapeutic purposes. A journal keeper since age 12, writing has been my best therapist over the years!

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